Don't go elsewhere! We took it to Quality after an accident a while ago and picked up a vehicle that was completely CLEAN in the inside! When you have kids - that is amazing! We were hit again, and went with the place the insurance company wanted us to use. I was so disappointed to pick up a car with a new bumper...and still needing a good cleaning inside. I'm was spoiled by this place!

Amy L.

If you need a collision repair this is THE BEST place to go! The people are super friendly and accommodating and are truly honest and go the extra mile to make you happy ! In an unfortunate situation as in an accident caused by a person with no insurance, I came out so happy and my car looks even better than before the accident! This is not the first time I have experienced such great service from them. I would highly recommend!

Leesha M.

Their name says it best, quality. Super professional and helpful staff and great work. All OEM parts used in replacement and body panel seams are perfectly line up. Paint work is not noticeable at all. My truck looks better than it did prior to my accident. I will be returning for any future auto body work I may need. Thanks to everybody at Quality Auto Rebuilders! 5/5 stars

Cody M.

I dropped my van off for a window repair. I picked it up later and the entire interior is spotless! What is this magical place?!!?

Sara H.

Highly recommend. Very polite & knowledgeable staff. I was able to get my rear view mirror repaired without an appointment.

Elizabeth K.

My car looks amazing. You all did a wonderful job.

Katie C.